Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Call any vegetable

For months now, the labels on the broccoli packaged at my local grocery store have been missing the first letter and the last two. All of my broccoli is named "ROCCO."

Friday, February 9, 2007

Played out

I just finished a brief gig as a play reader/evaluator for the Sundance Theatre Lab, reading and, yes, evaluating just a handful of the 700 or so plays that were submitted this year.

I hereby make the following resolutions:

-I will never write a play about 9/11 or the "war on terror."

-I will never write a play about the aimlessness and self-doubt of Gen X slackers.

-I will never write a play about how people today - especially Gen X slackers - are too obsessed with and/or influenced by TV and other mass media.

-I will never write a play featuring fantasy scenes where characters step inside TV shows or movies.

-I will never write a play where a narrator tells the audience the lesson of the play before it's even started. (Shakespeare got away with it, but he was him.)

-I will never say that anything I've written is "controversial" before it's even been published, performed or read.

-I will not mock anyone else's writing on this blog again unless I've started writing my own stuff again.

NYC Moments, No. 2

I could be wrong, but I swore that when I was riding home on the subway last night, I glimpsed a young girl looking at her reflection in the shiny metal of the wall, making eyes and blowing kisses at herself.

She was cute.