Friday, February 9, 2007

Played out

I just finished a brief gig as a play reader/evaluator for the Sundance Theatre Lab, reading and, yes, evaluating just a handful of the 700 or so plays that were submitted this year.

I hereby make the following resolutions:

-I will never write a play about 9/11 or the "war on terror."

-I will never write a play about the aimlessness and self-doubt of Gen X slackers.

-I will never write a play about how people today - especially Gen X slackers - are too obsessed with and/or influenced by TV and other mass media.

-I will never write a play featuring fantasy scenes where characters step inside TV shows or movies.

-I will never write a play where a narrator tells the audience the lesson of the play before it's even started. (Shakespeare got away with it, but he was him.)

-I will never say that anything I've written is "controversial" before it's even been published, performed or read.

-I will not mock anyone else's writing on this blog again unless I've started writing my own stuff again.

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